Chairman Abdulmohsen Al Haqbani confirms Fitness Time plans to develop 100 ladies-only fitness centers in KSA
The Chairman of the Board of Leejam Sports Company, Abdulmohsen Al Haqbani, has announced Leejam’s readiness to open 100 ladies-only fitness centers in the Kingdom over the next six years.  The business has developed a detailed plan and a clear strategy for developing the facilities with the full support of all shareholders. The plan will be implemented once receiving formal licensing approval from the General Authority of Sports.  Leejam is the owner and operator of Fitness Time.
Leejam's founders have considerable experience in the health and fitness industry that spans over 22 years.  The business plans to use the full strength of this experience and their assets as they roll out their female facilities, while also looking to align with the latest global industry trends and while providing full privacy to the women of Saudi Arabia.  “We have earned the confidence of Saudi society through our work over the past years, and, god willing, we will earn this trust from the female population as well” said Mr. Al Haqbani.
The Chairman explained that the female community is in dire need of sports facilities for the prevention of conditions that are prevalent in the Kingdom, such as obesity, diabetes, heart diseases and others.  There is simply an absence of places where women can practice sports and fitness safely and in absolute privacy.  Health practitioners globally have recognized the positive impact that a regular exercise regime can have on the prevalence of obesity and diabetes in a population.
In 2015 Leejam won the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Award for Sports Creativity, an award which Mr. Al Haqbani attributes to their focus on creating positive impact on the lifestyle of Saudi Society.  This same approach and mentality will be used to guide their female business, with every investment and effort targeted towards creating a positive impact in society.  Leejam is entirely focused on making fitness accessible and on enabling the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.
The Fitness Time Ladies concept will be suitable for women from six years and older, with facilities customized for children and others customized for adults.  Leejam aims to attract hundreds of thousands of members to their clubs, which will be spread across most cities in the Kingdom, and to continue to the overall development    of female sport in KSA.
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