Why Fitness Time

10 reasons to join Fitness Time today:


  • 1- Service: 

    We treat you like a member not a number.
    We think about your service even when the club is closed.

    2- Convenience:

    We are just around the corner, around the Kingdom.

    3- Perfection:

    Not only we have the latest machines but the greatest.

    4- Classes:

    We hire the best instructors you get the best classes.

    5- Value:

    You can’t imagine how much our customers mean to us.

    6- Management:

    Your concerns reach the top organization in minutes not days.

    7- Friendly:

    Try us out you’ll see we’re friendlier.

    8- Improvement:

    Our commitment to make your club the best never ends.

    9- Extraordinary:

    The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra we do.

    10- Winners Time:

    While most clubs waste their time dreaming about success we wake-up and work hard to achieve it.

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